Campaign for SuperFast Fibre Broadband for London Businesses

Fibre Broadband Coverage for business – What Is the Problem?

  • The availability of fibre broadband in The City and West End of London is virtually nil
  • The average coverage of fibre broadband in the Square Mile is between 0% and 20%
  • The slower your internet connection speed, the lower the productivity of your business and workforce
  • The Government are offering vouchers to help get a better broadband connection but the voucher only covers your connection fee for a leased ADSL line
  • BT have no plans to replace the old copper cables that are currently providing slow and unreliable broadband connections in The City and West End
  • Money is being thrown at the problem, but not in the right area – the infrastructure needs to be upgraded to pull London in line with other leading cities in terms of connection speeds.

What do we want to do about it?

  • Gather real information from real people about your own connection speed and type in relation to your postcode
  • Investigate further as to what BT’s official line is about the issue
  • Listen to what you have to say about your experiences with internet in your workplace
  • Compile your information in our own map to show real-time coverage and average speed
  • Present the findings of our campaign to local MPs, BT and Government for feedback
  • Increase awareness of the problem by ensuring we gather as much support as possible from all types of businesses within The City and West End.