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IT Relocation

For an SME business to manage the relocation of its own IT and telephony infrastructure is a huge undertaking.
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IT Security

Stretch the boundaries of your workplace far beyond the physical limits of your office with secure remote access.
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IT Installations

When we are required to carry out an IT installation, no matter how big or how small it may be, we put 100% into our planning.
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Phone Systems & VoIP

We understands the need for reliable, cost-effective phone solutions in the VoIP industry which fast moving and constantly changing.
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Phone Systems & VoIP

All businesses need a reliable, cost-effective phone solution. But choosing the right business telephony services can also guarantee new efficiency gains for your organisation, which is why so many companies these days are asking us about the advantages of an internet phone system.

Prosyn works exclusively for SME businesses based in London who are looking to move, change or enhance their telephony capabilities. With the VoIP industry evolving so rapidly in recent times, the friendly engineers at Prosyn have made it their business to keep our customers up to date with all the available options.

Phone VoIP service provider for SMEs

We help firms understand and embrace the latest of features of voice over IP telephony, such as linking your phone system up to your Outlook contact list or integrating a call recording solution.

Prosyn is a partner of Cisco, the world leader in networking for the internet, as well as Avaya who build and manage commination networks for over a million businesses worldwide.

We will plan your installations from start to finish, explaining the various functions a new system can offer your business, before helping you decide whether or not each will prove beneficial to your organisation. But most of all, our aim is to save you money on your call communications.

Our clients choose Prosyn VoIP phone systems for the following reasons:

  • Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and can explain the functionality of our phone systems in plain English.
  • A VoIP phone system tends to be faster and much more cost effective.
  • VoIP combines BT lines for incoming calls and the Internet for outbound traffic, which means there is a useful failover in the event of a fault occurring on either of these services.
  • Internet phone systems allow you to transmit numerous phone calls down the same internet phone line.
  • VoIP users have the ability to integrate CTI with other Web-based services such as video calling, or data exchange.
  • You are able to maximise the productivity of your staff by integrating your office phone systems with mobiles and emails.
  • VoIP can deliver savings of up to 70% on standard BT call rates.
  • Prosyn ensures the reliability of its telephony products by only using renowned manufacturers, such as Avaya and Cisco.

Case Study

The Clarion Agency
A smarter use of technology

The Challenge

The Clarion Agency was founded in 1997 and has grown to become a multi-purpose social care provider and consultancy company. When Clarion relocated to larger offices, the company was considering sub-letting part of its new building. It needed a plan to provision a flexible cabling system and a phone system that would enable its tenants to run their network and communications independently through the same infrastructure.

The Solution

Prosyn suggested the option of a voice over IP (VoIP) phone system for its new office and helped calculate the return on investment of a new Cisco solution. Two years after the installation, Clarion confirmed that the investment was a sound one, as it continued to enjoy cheaper calls via the Internet.

Steve Vaudry, Director of the Clarion Agency, commented: “Prosyn were recommended to us by our bank and have exceeded all expectations. Their engineers are knowledgeable, their service is responsive and we would certainly recommend them to others.”

“Prosyn were recommended to us by our bank and have exceeded all expectations. Their engineers are knowledgeable, their service is responsive and we would certainly recommend them to others.”
Steve Vaudry, Director of the Clarion Agency

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