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Top-to-bottom security review of your IT infrastructure
Comprehensive reporting to pinpoint key issues
We recommend best practices for encrypting your data
Ongoing security monitoring available

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According to the Department of Business, 65% of large companies suffered a serious data breach of some kind in 2016. This is a sobering fact that underpins how far-reaching and complex the issue of IT security is.

The consequences of a data breach have the potential to be catastrophic. From cyber-theft resulting in enormous revenue loss, to potential lawsuits and ruined reputations, no organisation today can afford to operate without a capable cybersecurity consultancy on the team.

We at Prosyn are able to help you begin to understand where potential security threats can be found within your existing technology infrastructure – but more importantly, the steps you need to take to protect yourself.

A Comprehensive IT Security Review

A comprehensive IT security review is a top-to-bottom audit of your business’ IT infrastructure and processes, including servers, network infrastructure, computers and other devices. The aim is to identify potential data vulnerabilities and recommend a course of action to safeguard your company against threats.

If your company relies heavily on data, an IT security audit will allow us to recommend the types of data encryption and other security measures that will allow you to maintain operations with increased confidence that you are fully protected against cyber-attacks or breaches of any kind.

Our IT security audits are very granular, based upon the current state of your corporate IT security. By interviewing key stakeholders, we gain a top-level view of the potential for security-related issues within the organisation. We will also perform physical security checks on IT infrastructure, which will include:

  • Server evaluation
  • PC/laptop/mobile device evaluation
  • Network infrastructure evaluation

Alongside these physical checks, we will review key company policies pertaining to security, such as password requirements, user awareness and physical storage of security-sensitive information such as master passwords.

Once we have completed the review process, we will generate a report that will pinpoint key security concerns, and outline a plan of action for solving them.

Cyber criminals are constantly developing new methods of hacking that place companies at perpetual risk. Prosyn engineers are always educated of these new dangers, and so if desired, we are able to continuously monitor your IT security as part of an ongoing, iterative process, ensuring that data encryption, once achieved, is maintained in to the future.

If you would like to know more about the IT security services of one of London’s top IT support providers, we are happy to offer a free consultation and custom proposal designed with your company’s needs in mind.

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“We’d moved to a new office and had a downtown situation with our leased line provider who had completely messed up the presentation of their line, including wrong and missing IP numbers and incorrect details of connections. We’d called a few IT solutions firms who couldn’t help or get anyone out to us quick enough. After speaking to Prosyn, they had someone over to our office within 24 hours, they spoke to our leased line company and worked out all the correct configuration details, they loaned us a router that enabled us to get online immediately, and they configured our new Cisco router when it arrived. First rate service in a mission critical situation. I found Prosyn very straight forward when dealing with them, which is what you need when you’re in a DR / IT transition situation. Their networking knowledge was excellent and their solution was very clean and worked first time. Prosyn are a fantastic IT services and solutions firm.”

Kalwant Chaggar, Director, De Facto IT

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