importance of disaster recovery plan

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) & Disaster Recovery Plan Template (DRP)

As anyone whose business relies on technology knows, even so-called “stable” systems are subject to problems at any time. Whether such issues are technological in nature (cyberattacks, user error, hardware failure etc.) or the results of a different cause (theft, power outage, natural disasters etc.), maintaining consistent services for customers is a critical and ever-evolving…


The New Email Phishing Ransomware Scam that All Small Business Owners Must Watch Out For

Two of the biggest cyber-security threats in the world right now have to be email phishing scams and ransomware incursions. Email phishing scams are those cyber-attacks which masquerade as email messages from trustworthy sources in order to incite victims to give up access to their system, passwords or other sensitive data. Ransomware meanwhile, is a…