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Prosyn adds Government G-Cloud approval to list of credentials

Prosyn is an approved supplier for the UK Government’s G-Cloud service, and the cloud services framework. This approval adds to our existing credentials and provides confidence to local authorities and government bodies that are looking to procure cloud services.

What is G-Cloud?

G-Cloud is a Government framework that helps form agreements between the UK Government and suppliers of cloud-based services.

For local authorities, finding cloud-buying services through frameworks like G-Cloud works out cheaper and faster than arranging individual contracts.

The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the Government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services.

G-Cloud services are divided into 3 categories, where local authorities can find suppliers like Prosyn for specific cloud tasks. These include:

  • Hosting: Creating cloud platforms or infrastructure, content delivery networks or load balancing services
  • Cloud Software: Providing software applications that can be accessed via the internet. For example, accounting tools, business specific applications or customer management software
  • Cloud Support: This could include the set up and maintenance of cloud services, ongoing customer technical support or services such as migration services

If you’re interested in using our cloud based services through G Cloud, take a look at the G Cloud Buyers Guide, to learn what you need to have in place to get started.

Some of the benefits you will gain from working with an approved G Cloud supplier like Prosyn include:

  • All G-Cloud approved suppliers need to meet certain requirements, and submit detailed documents on their processes
  • You can be sure you are working with an established and respected IT service provider
  • Costs are reduced when compared to creating your own individual procurement contracts for cloud services

Our G-Cloud approval is just one of the accreditations we hold that provides reassurance to current and potential customers. If you have questions on G-Cloud or working with Prosyn on your cloud infrastructure, migration or management projects, please get in touch with our experienced team.

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“Email is the lifeblood of our organisation, so our number one priority was to guarantee messages would always be delivered – even in the event of a complete server crash”

Rachel Bell, Managing Director of Shine Communications


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More About Prosyn & The Cloud...

Choosing the Right Cloud Solution for You

Our role at Prosyn is to understand your needs as a company. While most business IT support companies tend to focus on “what you need,” we seek to uncover “why you need it” and most importantly, whether it will work for you.

The first thing we look at is your connectivity. If you don’t have a reasonable Internet connection (most businesses in central London have less than 10Mbps – not ideal), you may want to think about a hybrid cloud solution – keeping your emails in the Cloud but your files on your own server, for example. This is just one consideration that determines the type of solution we recommend. Another important question is the type of business you’re in.

To illustrate this, imagine a typical scenario: you’re a London-based interior design studio and you need to send a large file over the Web. Your accounts manager also uses the Internet and is currently having a video conference with your second office. So what happens? Nothing. The system is overloaded and business is delayed, or worse.

The whole point of the Cloud is to help your business become more efficient, and there are essentially three ways to tackle this using different Cloud set-ups:

  • Public Cloud – includes the familiar Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work. This solution means your data is held on secure shared servers along with other users’ data.
  • Private Cloud – is as it says on the box. No one shares this space with you, but it is still stored away from your premises.
  • Hybrid Cloud – this customisable solution gives you the choice to store some of your data on the public cloud and some on the private cloud, or your own local network.

Demystifying It All

As you’ve probably gathered by now, knowing which solution is best for your business depends on many variables. The speed of your Internet connection, the type of business you run and the nature of the data being stored all play a big part in determining the most cost-effective and operationally efficient solution.

That’s where we can help. It’s what we do every day for businesses across London and the rest of the UK, and it’s what we love doing.

Managing a disaster related to your computer network could cost you dearly. The alternative will only cost you a phone call and a free 2 hour on site meet – so we can listen to your needs.

Prosyn will help to demystify and demonstrate how your network functions, using simple diagrams to explain technical concepts. The end result for you is that the Cloud can remain as light and friendly as it always should have been.

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Case Study – Shine Communications

Cloud computing for email continuity

The Challenge

Shine is a leading light in the field of public relations and needs no reminder of the importance of good, reliable communications. When Shine asked its long-standing IT partner to recommend an appropriate business continuity solution to ensure it could always function in the event of a business disaster, Prosyn performed a detailed analysis of their operations. After considering all options, Shine opted to focus its attention on an email continuity solution, as well as an online backup service.

The Solution

Prosyn dramatically improved the resilience of the corporate email system through the design and installation of a continuity service, which can be triggered within 4 minutes of a server crash.

Rachel Bell, Managing Director of Shine Communications explained: “Email is the lifeblood of our organisation, so our number one priority was to guarantee messages would always be delivered – even in the event of a complete server crash”.

The Outcome

Now, in the event of an Exchange server failure, an authorised member of staff, or the Prosyn service team can activate the alternative delivery system to ensure email messages continue to reach PCs and Blackberrys without users ever realising that a fault has occurred. A web portal which stores a 30-day history of all company emails is also being used by Shine to keep critical address data, such as next of kin contacts, which may be required in other disaster scenarios. Furthermore, critical company files are now available for download to any Web-connected PC, thanks to secure access to an automated online backup system.

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