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The rules around data protection and IT security are changing. General Data Protection Regulation laws (GDPR) have been brought in to improve protection over new ways that data is being used by businesses today. The new rules also make data protection rules the same throughout the EU.

Businesses and organisations in the UK have until 25th May 2018 until the new GDPR law will apply to them. However, the impact the new legislation will have on IT security practices, means it is important that businesses start to consider how to implement changes now.

With tougher fines for non-compliance and data breaches, achieving compliance should be a priority for all organisations.

Why is our Cyber Security programme different?

Data breaches

The new laws make it your responsibility to inform your local data protection authority of any data breach that risks people’s rights and freedoms within 72 hours of your organisation realising the breach has occurred.

Even before you call the data protection authority, you should tell the people whose data has been compromised by the data breach what has happened.

Those who don’t meet the deadlines could face a penalty of up to 2% of their annual worldwide revenue, or €10 million, whichever is higher.

It is clear then the effect of a data breach is not only a loss of trust from existing customers, and disastrous PR, but also potentially heavy fines that you will want to avoid.

So what should you do?

Gaining a Cyber Essentials certification is a good first step towards protecting yourself from threats and can mitigate ICO fines.

Cyber Essentials certification is a government created scheme and it provides evidence that you have carried out basic steps towards protecting your business and your data from internet based cyber attacks. Cyber Essentials is designed to work for companies of all sizes including single employee businesses to large companies.

As Prosyn are Cyber Essentials Certified ourselves, we are ideally positioned to guide companies through the process to compliance.

Our Cyber Security Process

Prosyn can also use our expertise to provide you with a cyber security review. We can perform checks on IT infrastructure including servers, PCs and networks alongside penetration testing and the set-up of multi authentication techniques to ensure passwords are secure.

If you would like to know more about the IT cyber security services we offer and how we can help you meet the new GDPR legislation, or how we can continuously monitor your IT systems for potential risks, get in touch with us for a free consultation and custom proposal.

Our approach to reducing cyber security risks includes:

Laptop encryption
Are you computers and laptops encrypted to keep data secure? Laptops have an extra level of risk when it comes to keeping data safe because they are portable and often taken out of the office.If a company laptop is lost or stolen, ensuring the hard drive is encrypted at least keeps the data secure and minimises the risk of a data leak and accompanying fines. We will help guide you through the process to making your laptops safer by using encryption.

AntiVirus and Malware
Viruses and malware are common tools used by cyber criminals to breach your computer systems and gain access to data. Virus and malware threats are ever-present and constantly changing.We can help you ensure your systems are secure with regular updates, the automatic deployment of patches and by putting the best antivirus and malware prevention and detection processes in place.

Network Security
Network security helps protect the integrity of your network, including servers, computers, mobile devices, and wireless systems such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Prosyn can help analyse your current network infrastructure and processes and implement layered network security measures, firewalls and more to keep your data secure and away from cyber threats.

Cloud Systems Security Check
Another often overlooked aspect of cyber security is cloud based systems. People assume that the cloud is safe and the responsibility of the cloud service provider, but that is not the case.Individual companies have responsibility to ensure the systems they are using are secure. Prosyn can help you achieve that aim, as our team of engineers are educated on the constantly evolving risk presented by cyber criminals in the cloud.Through our cyber security checks we will make your network and systems inherently more secure against the vulnerabilities of cyber crime.

“We’d moved to a new office and had a downtown situation with our leased line provider who had completely messed up the presentation of their line, including wrong and missing IP numbers and incorrect details of connections. We’d called a few IT solutions firms who couldn’t help or get anyone out to us quick enough. After speaking to Prosyn, they had someone over to our office within 24 hours, they spoke to our leased line company and worked out all the correct configuration details, they loaned us a router that enabled us to get online immediately, and they configured our new Cisco router when it arrived. First rate service in a mission critical situation. I found Prosyn very straight forward when dealing with them, which is what you need when you’re in a DR / IT transition situation. Their networking knowledge was excellent and their solution was very clean and worked first time. Prosyn are a fantastic IT services and solutions firm.”

Kalwant Chaggar, Director, De Facto IT

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