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Secure Offsite Working

Stretch the boundaries of your workplace far beyond the physical limits of your office with secure remote access.
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Servers & Routers

Having the right Server along with routers and switching as part of your IT infrastructure is essential.
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Cabling, Network & Wireless

The cabling of your IT infrastructure is an important aspect of your overall network design and something that is often overlooked.
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A main part of a good IT Infrastructure is to be sure all the elements such as servers and routers are all connecting properly.
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To guarantee an effective IT infrastructure, you need to be sure all the elements of your network, such as servers and routers are communicating properly.

Prosyn advises small to medium-sized businesses on connectivity issues surrounding their networks and internet services as well as proactively monitoring these connections to ensure users remain productive.

Good connectivity ensures your devices are able to transfer data back and forth quickly, for example, when the computer you are working on needs to connect to the server to access your files. Bad network connectivity is often the root cause of systems running slowly.

We work exclusively for London-based SMEs and our friendly, accredited engineers would be happy to discuss you connectivity options in the capital.

Types of connections you may be considering:

  • ADSL – Asymmetric digital subscriber lines are a type of DSL broadband technology used for connecting your network to the internet. They allow data to be transferred more quickly than traditional phone lines.
  • Fibre FTTC – Fibre FTTC uses fibre optic cables to increase the speed of your broadband connection and is often referred to as ‘super-fast broadband’. This technology is being deployed in the UK by BT and Virgin Media.
  • Leased Lines – A leased line is an agreement between customer and supplier, where the supplier will lease a symmetric telecommunications line for a monthly fee.
  • Etherstream Fibre – Etherstream is an alternative to a leased line, at a lower cost. The Etherstream is supplied by Easynet.
  • Dark Fibre – A dark fibre or unlit fibre is an unused optical fibre used for fibre optic communication.

How Prosyn specifies the right service for you

  • Prosyn determines the number of users who will be using the line, because this will affect the overall speed.
  • We also assess what users are doing. Depending whether they are simply browsing the internet, or frequently downloading large files, the speed of your service will need to be adjusted accordingly.
  • We look at the relative importance of users’ functions and the level of their dependence on the internet.
  • Our final consideration is the cost of down time to the user.
  • Prosyn then analyses these variables to determine the perfect solution for your business.
Prosyn provides a full range of connectivity solutions for SME businesses in London. From ADSL to leased lines and dark fibre, we’ll recommend a service that will keep your business working and help you gain a competitive edge.

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Our IT Support & Management Process