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What is the Cloud

The Cloud is a term that is seemingly everywhere at the moment – but do you know what it is and how it can help your business be more effective?
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Cloud Email

Moving your company email to the Cloud can sound daunting but it is a fast growing solution for many businesses across the world.
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Cloud Storage

If you are a new business or an existing company with a file Server coming to the end of its life, then a Cloud storage package could be perfect for you
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Cloud Desktop

A Cloud desktop will function and look exactly the same as a normal desktop that you are used to, but the data, operating system and settings are stored in the Cloud.
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Cloud Storage

Whether you’re a new office setup on a tight budget, or an existing company with a file server coming to the end of its natural life, then a cloud storage package could be perfect for your organisation.

Business cloud solutions allow easy access to your documents from laptops, phones and tablets, providing a more flexible way of working and a vital business continuity option if your main business network goes down.

Prosyn provides hassle-free IT solutions for small businesses all over London and our friendly team of engineers are always on hand to discuss your requirements. Business cloud storage can enable:

  • Access to your files from any device with an internet connection.
  • Document synchronisation from your work PC to the cloud.
  • The ability to save files on a shared folder, so you can access them from any device without the need for remote access.

Cloud storage offers the added benefit of ensuring your data is backed up safely, since anything stored in a cloud data centre is also mirrored to a second data centre in a different location.

You may also opt for a combination of cloud and on-premises storage – known as Hybrid Cloud – where anything stored locally on a server, or NAS box, is also synchronised offsite.

Cloud storage guarantees the most flexible way to access files and documents on the move, with the added benefit that your work is being backed up safely.
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