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What is the Cloud

The Cloud is a term that is seemingly everywhere at the moment – but do you know what it is and how it can help your business be more effective?
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Cloud Email

Moving your company email to the Cloud can sound daunting but it is a fast growing solution for many businesses across the world.
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Cloud Storage

If you are a new business or an existing company with a file Server coming to the end of its life, then a Cloud storage package could be perfect for you
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Cloud Desktop

A Cloud desktop will function and look exactly the same as a normal desktop that you are used to, but the data, operating system and settings are stored in the Cloud.
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Cloud Email

Moving your company email to the cloud may sound like a daunting task, but it’s a rapidly growing solution that suits many small businesses across the world. Prosyn will manage this project from start to finish, ensuring you never suffer any downtime.

We work exclusively with SME companies in London, migrating existing email solutions to the cloud and advising on cloud security. Hosted email is an ideal solution for many organisations, in particular, those just setting out, since it is a quick and cost effective way to get up and running without the upfront investment in a Microsoft Exchange server and licensing.

  • Emails in the cloud are accessible from any location, providing you have an internet connection.
  • Messages can be sent and received from a range of devices – your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Cloud email eliminates some of the traditional problems of physical servers, such as hardware failure.
With business cloud services, if you experience a power cut, or server crash, you can still gain access to your messages from another device or location.


Please remember, if you are looking to migrate your emails across to a cloud solution, it is essential you have a stable and relatively fast internet service as the data will need to be backed up from your Exchange Server and then moved over to the cloud via that connection.

Case Study

Toro Gold
Cloud email for a global operation

Toro Gold is a gold exploration company based in the UK, but focused on Africa. Since 2009 the company has established a portfolio of nine early to mid-stage gold exploration projects across six countries, so its operation is truly global in proportion. But the organisation needed a single reliable IT partner to manage all communications centrally from its London office.

The Challenge

Given the disparate nature of its operations, Prosyn proposed the idea of a cloud email solution. With a mobile workforce requiring access to email and shared calendars from a variety of devices, a hosted service certainly appeared attractive. But Toro Gold could not afford a minute of downtime throughout the migration process.

The Solution

Prosyn configured the cloud email platform prior to the live migration and tested it thoroughly using dummy accounts. Engineers also checked the anti-spam solution maintained the required setting and that BlackBerry users were configured correctly for the new email platform, preventing any loss of service.

The Outcome

Prosyn migrated email delivery to the new cloud email platform with no disruption to service, providing a pain-free solution to Toro Gold. Regardless of where they are in the world, users now enjoy the same level of functionality they would receive from a dedicated on-premises Exchange email server.

“Making changes to email systems can potentially be frustrating for users, but there were no disruptions and Prosyn were very accommodating, which made it painless and stress free…”
Emilie Record, Office Manager

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