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Secure Offsite Working

Stretch the boundaries of your workplace far beyond the physical limits of your office with secure remote access.
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Servers & Routers

Having the right Server along with routers and switching as part of your IT infrastructure is essential.
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Cabling, Network & Wireless

The cabling of your IT infrastructure is an important aspect of your overall network design and something that is often overlooked.
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A main part of a good IT Infrastructure is to be sure all the elements such as servers and routers are all connecting properly.
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Cabling, Networks & Wireless

Cabling & Networks

Cabling is a component which is frequently overlooked but it actually forms a critical aspect of your overall network infrastructure.

Network cabling is the physical connection between all your devices, which enables documents to be sent to the printer and files to be retrieved from your server. Poor quality cabling and broken cables can result in a variety of problems with your PCs as well as causing printer, internet and server anomalies.

Prosyn works with small to medium-sized businesses in London, providing a personal, consultative IT support service which includes managing your network cabling infrastructure. Our engineers have provided network cabling services to dozens of clients over the years in many different office locations, so we’ve come across most known obstacles and complications.

So please speak to a Prosyn consultant today to arrange a free site survey. We look forward to hearing from you. But until then, here are some key considerations when cabling your office:

  • Prosyn recommends you allow for 4 network points per desk, if you don’t have a PoE (power over Ethernet) system. If you do, you can allow for just 2.
  • When planning a cabling installation, you should always allow for future requirements and expansion. It is hard and can be expensive to add new cable runs after the initial cabling project.
  • Don’t forget, you must allow extra network outlets for printers, wireless access points, scanners, fridges, TVs and automated machinery. Yes, fridges. (Watch this space!)
  • There are two types of cabling standards to choose from – CAT5e or CAT6. We’ll tell you which is best for you.
  • The type of phone system you have will also dictate the number of network ports you require.

Wireless Networking

A wireless access point allows you to connect to the internet without a wired connection. That means no cumbersome network cable trailing between your laptop and a network socket on the wall.

Having a wireless internet connection can be great for some businesses, but a hindrance to others. It really depends on what you do and how your office works. The good news is you don’t need to choose between wired and wireless connections – because you can have both – and will benefit from each in different ways.

How Prosyn decides whether wireless is your best option:

  • Firstly, we look at your general internet usage. Are you simply browsing the web or sending and receiving large files?
  • How many people will be using the internet at any one time? This can be a deciding factor as to whether wireless connectivity will work for you.
  • What is the physical location of your servers in relation to where the wireless point will be in your office?
  • If you are fully cloud based, wireless will work better for your needs.

Wireless can be a great solution for businesses that can’t have wired solutions, such as offices within listed buildings, or specific areas within an office where unsightly cables cannot be run.

The main challenge with wireless internet is the more people who use the wireless connection, the slower it becomes. Call our friendly, knowledgeable engineers today to discuss your wireless options or arrange a site survey.

From the initial site survey to final testing phases, Prosyn will manage your cabling or wireless networking project from start to finish, delivering a strong and reliable backbone for your business.

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Our IT Support & Management Process

Our IT Support & Management Process